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We had been on tour with successful artists of all kinds before the foundation of Stage Culinarium. So we know very well that both artist and crew have to deal with a great physical and psychological strain while they are on tour. Therefore a well-balanced and healthy nutrition is very important for the hard work and especially success.

We do our best to make each stay in a foreign town as convenient as possible for crew, stars and artists. Always and under all circumstances we try to cook on restaurant level – also on tour.

Apart from tours we are also available for single events and shows of each kind, no matter what location. Many mobile kitchens and well-trained staff guarantee perfect work – anytime and anywhere.

We only use fresh food and try to offer culinary delights at each event.

In Bad Ischl (Austria) we run our own production kitchen, in which we constantly produce new dishes and home-made creations, which we of course mainly like to offer at artist- & tour caterings, but also at company events.

Here is a little selection of our most popular dishes: